Symmie Mitchell is a native of Las Vegas who was born to make you laugh. She is a greatly pursued Christian Comedian who enjoys lifting the hearts of individuals through laughter. Symmie has taken her comical performances to churches, social gatherings, and community events all across the United States.

Although Symmie specializes in standup comedy, improvisation, and character performances which includes: Grandma Gertrude, Deacon Goodfoot, and Sista So Fine; Symmie is a local radio personality and co-host of Balancing Life Today television show.

Symmie, the Lady of Laughter, offers original, hilarious, and professional comedy that crosses age, ethnicity and gender boundaries. Symmie yields her humor and hosting to the Holy Spirit and every performance is customized for the theme and/or audience. Her audience can expect to have a live fun-filled experience that they will never forget.

She is a comedian with a message designed to make you laugh.