The Health Coach

Susan Kochman Rodrigues is an independent certified health coach for the Take Shape for Life Program. Susan is a retired elementary school teacher who is helping America get healthy! Susan lost 18 pounds in 6 weeks and lowered her cholesterol by 50 points all at the same time.

Susan’s doctor wanted her to go on cholesterol lowering medication, but Susan felt like she was too young for that. Her doctor told her to eat skinless chicken breast and exercise 3 times a week, but she was already doing those things. Frustrated with receiving no viable solutions, Susan Rodrigues turned to her brother who had already lost 58 pounds on the program in 12 weeks.

She was a skeptic and wanted to know what the money back guarantee was. Susan finally ordered, and this was the beginning of a brand new life for her. Susan is passionate about helping people obtain overall health, weight loss, and the maintenance of health and weight loss through Take Shape for Life.