People are too unhealthy to dream.  When people are too unhealthy to dream, they become too unhealthy to pursue purpose.  Without purpose, people find themselves stuck in the cycle of a routine, with frustration, depression and fatigue.  Only having enough energy to do what is necessary to survive.

Phases of ME, believes that life was created to be lived and enjoyed.  Our dreams keep us hopeful and focused; giving individuals something to look forward to.  Purpose, when it is discovered, fuels passion, and then greatness can be released!  This is what makes life happy, fulfilling, and amazing!

My Story

Forty days of fasting and praying was the journey that changed the way I viewed my life.  While fasting, I was healthy.  There were no sicknesses, allergies, nor ailment in my body.  I felt great! 

However, after several weeks had passed past issues began to surface, like my childhood dreams, mistakes, and missed opportunities.  Although I knew that my life was on the right path, it was not the path that I had chosen.  My heart still longed for the dreams of the past, which all failed, and because of this, I was stuck in pain.  So there I was, surviving and enduring life, but not living, wrestling with the fear of failure, disappointment, and rejection.  No matter how much I did, how hard I worked, or how successful I was, it was never going to be good enough.  The darkness of depression would cover me like a blanket because I failed at completing my main desire.  “Are Christians suppose to live like this,” I asked?  God let me know that it was time to grieve the loss so that I could move on, and that’s what I did.

I walked around grieving, sick and in physical pain for almost a couple of weeks.  I was at a spiritual height, but at the same time angry with God because my life didn’t go my way.  It was time to make a choice.  When I was ready, I made the choice to let it go. 

In the very moment that I decided to let it go, my mind became refreshed and renewed.  I was able to embrace my reality with a clean slate and see with a clear view.  I was Physically, Mentally, and Spiritually healthy.  When I became healthy, I started dreaming again.  God gave me VISION!  I remember talking with my husband and telling him that I didn’t have a dream or a vision of my future.  I thought to myself that perhaps I would die young because I stopped dreaming about the future.  I didn’t realize the disappointment of my past was a poison that made my total being unhealthy.  The poison of failure had been slowly taking life out of me and I didn’t even know it.  Making me so sick that I stopped dreaming.

My path was made clear and I became more open to my life’s true purpose and I re-discovered ME.  Out of ME flows the greatness that has always been there.  My life is full, thriving, healthy and happy.  I’m living my dream and I am Free to be ME!


To impact the world through television, radio, social networking, church, conferences, programs, education, and books by creating a movement of health and well being to the total person- mind, body, and spirit.


Awaken Dreams, Discover Purpose, and Release Greatness

Phase I “Awaken the Dream”

The “Awaken the Dream” phase is designed to focus on the emotional/mental, physical, and spiritual health of each individual. Phases of ME - Take Shape For Life (TSFL) program is used for health and weight loss portion.  The awareness of dreams should begin to come alive inside of the participant as the health of the participant is being restored.   Topics Will Cover:

            - Mental Clarity and Vision

            - Strategies for Success

            - Physical Health

            - Spiritual Health

During this phase, each participant will receive:

-  A Health Coach

-  Four Workshops (online, video, or in person)

- Workshop Workbook Materials (coming soon)

- Weekly Personal Check-In/Updates

- Focused Monthly Group Meetings (if available in city)

-  Food provided by Medifast (If doing health and weight loss portion)

Phase II – Discover True Purpose

This phase goes D.E.E.P. (Discover, Expose, Embrace, and Position)

Gaining insight from dreams and discovering true purpose is the goal in Phase II.  More self discovery will be used to expose what participants were born to do. How to develop the personalities needed to fulfill their purpose, increasing spiritual intimacy and establish healthy habits will prepare them to embrace their potential and the greatness within.

Life Topics will cover:                                                                                        

- Exposure: True Purpose Identified

- Increasing Spiritual Intimacy/Developing Personality

- Establishing Good Habits of Health

- Knowing and Increasing Your Value

- Positioning Yourself:  Healthy Finances

Participants will receive:

- A Health Coach

-  Five Workshops (online, video, or in person)

- Workshop Workbook Materials (coming soon)

-  Weekly Personal Check-In/Updates

- Focused Monthly Group Meetings (if available in city)

Phase II I– Release the Greatness

For all of those who have participated in the prior phases are most likely at a place of maintaining their overall health.    From perfecting leadership skills, creating a new complimenting look that matches who they are and where they are going, to learning how to present themselves in confidence and excellence, Phases is putting all the finishing touches in this phase.  All participants completing this last phase will be given the tools needed to release the greatness in style, while maintaining their health.

Topics will cover:

- Leadership

- ByDesign: My Look, My Style

- Maintaining Physical and Spiritual Health

- Presenting w/Confidence and Excellence

Participants will receive:

- A Coach

- Four Workshops (online, video, or in person)

- Workshop Workbook Materials (coming soon)

- Weekly Personal Check-In/Updates

- Focused Monthly Group Meetings (if available in city)

- Food provided by Medifast (If doing health and weight loss portion)

- Certification of Completion - Graduation

The Next Level

The  Next Level  is for continued growth and development.  Staying healthy and focused while living out one’s vision will require support and guidance from professionals and peers who are invested in your success.  For The Next Level  participant there will be:

Mentoring – Mentoring from successful professionals to help keep you thriving

Life Lessons/Workshops- Continued lessons about life, relationships, business, finances and others

Coaching Opportunities- Become a coach or a youth mentor

Healthy Living Support – a community of supporters who have made their goal weight and are encouraging each other to stay FIT.

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